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By Alban Berg

Grand Théâtre de Genève

à la Opéra des Nations

Genève, Switzerland
Orchestre de la Suisse Romande

Production originally created

for Lyric Opera of Chicago

Original Director

Sir David McVicar


Stefan Blunier

Revival Stage Director
Daniel Ellis

Set and Costume Design
Vicki Mortimer

Assistant Costume Design
Helen Johnson

Andrew George

Lighting Design
Paule Constable

Revival Lighting Design
Christopher Maravich

Chorus Master

Alan Woodbridge

At the Opéra des Nations, the grinding machine designed by Alban Berg is doing its work without false note, in the beautiful production of David McVicar…Thanks to a remarkable direction of actors (to whom Daniel Ellis must be praised, who revived the staging of 2015), empathy works from the very first scene: poor Wozzeck appears as a hunted beast, punctuating with anxiety-rousing attention the captivating remarks of his Captain.

Le Courrier (Christophe Imperiali)

Its musical and dramatic richness does not cease attracting conductors, directors and artists and justifies the interest which one can carry to any new production. The one offered by the Grand Théâtre de Genève, originally created at the Lyric Opera in Chicago in November 2015 and due to David Mc Vicar, taken up here by Daniel Ellis, is an undeniable success on all levels.

- (Gérard Ferrand)

David McVicar , to whom we owe the staging of this Wozzeck , affirms it and keeps his promise: it is an "urgent cry for more compassion". Everything works together: a high-flying distribution, without weakness, served by a staging of anthology. This European creation of the production carried out in November 2015 for the Lyric Opera of Chicago, here entrusted to Daniel Ellis, stands out for his intelligence and his scrupulous consideration of stage directions. To have breath, the realization is nonetheless extremely detailed. Everything makes sense….Even in the most stripped scenes, it is always a feast for the eye. Add to that an excellent direction of actors, where everything is true, just, adjusted to the millimeter, and you will have already realized the exceptional character of this production.

- (Yvan Beuvard)

Photos courtesy of Grand Théâtre de Genève. Photos by Carole Parodi.

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