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By Matthew Wells

Gremlin Theatre - Minneapolis, MN

Edmonton International Fringe Festival

- Winner: Best of Fest

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

- Winner: Best of Fest


Daniel Ellis and Rob O’Neill

Fight Choreographer

David Schneider


Light Designer

Daniel Ellis


Stage Manager

Christopher Garza

"intelligent and brilliantly executed theatrical thriller. An absolute joy.”

– Vue Weekly, Edmonton

“Spoofing the film noir thriller is a well-mined genre on its own. You wonder how there could possibly be more gold to find....Candy Simmons and Brittany Parker, who never miss a step as they disappear into 12 separate characters. The lines come as fast and furious as the costume and character changes. This is witty stuff. It’s very, very funny, but it never disrespects the genre by descending into silliness.

– Winnipeg Free Press (Julie Carl)

“Scarlet Woman is a briskly paced, fast-talking, and very funny homage to film noir thrillers.…the rewards of this show aren't just in watching the Gordian knot of intrigue finally unravel (Twist ending!), they're in the witty banter, the sharp timing, the noir atmosphere, and the first-rate performances.”

– CBC Review (Dean Jenkinson) 

Photos by Christopher Garza.

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