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by Richard Wargo

University of Georgia Opera Theatre

Athens, GA


Mark Cedel

Stage Director / Producer
Daniel Ellis

Costume Designer

Donna Crawford

Lighting Designer

Graf von Imhoff

“I am excited to share these little-known Operatic gems based on the short stories of Anton Chekhov. Chekhov wrote such timeless and entertaining stories about the perseverance of the human condition, and Walton and Wargo capture this rich essence with some beautiful and inspiring music,” said Stage Director Daniel Ellis, Academic Professional in Opera and Theatre.

It will be a rare evening of opera, not to be missed. In an email to Ellis, Wargo said that “A Visit to the Country” is a piece that is ‘very close to his heart’ and that he is ‘happy to have audiences hear this rare work once again.’

Show Photos Courtesy of UGA Opera Theatre

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