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By Neil Simon

Lyric Arts – Main Street Stage

Anoka, MN


Daniel Ellis


Stage Manager

Pat Campbell


Scenic Designer

Travis Collins


Costume Designer

Claire Campbell

Lighting Designer

Matt McNabb


Properties Designers

Emma Davis, Lauren Welle


Sound Designer

Alex Flinner


Dialect Coach

Keely Wolter

“I'm not sure Lyric could have found a more perfect Oscar/Felix pair than Don Maloney and Bill Williamson. Both thoroughly embody the laid-back slobbiness/nervous fastidiousness of their characters. And both give natural and lived-in performances, totally in the moment, reacting to what the other says or does. Part of the fun is watching each watch the other. Bill is particularly endearing and imbues Felix with a jittery physicality as he slides across the floor, doing double takes, constantly wiping his brow. The supporting cast is just as great playing the four specifically typed poker buddies (Christopher Zanetti, David Vandergriff, Rick Wyman, and Steve Florman) and the giggly Pigeon sisters (Allison Hawleyand Caitlin Wilkey). They make a great sitcom ensemble under the direction of Daniel Ellis, keeping the tone light and the pace quick.


Photos courtesy of  Lyric Arts..

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